Summarizer Review - Is It Useful For Writers?

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Summarizer is an online tool that quickly condenses long pieces of text into shorter ones by using the main points. This tool is being used by students, teachers, researchers, and many more.

But the question is whether it can be a useful tool for writers as well. To address this question in an efficient manner, I have come up with a detailed review of this tool. I am quite hopeful that, by the end of this review you will get the answer. So, why wait? Let’s get into the details. – Intro

As I have already mentioned, Summarizer will convert long pieces of text into shorter ones within seconds by using their main/best points.

According to the research I have done about it, the tool operates on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. Let me explain how both these technologies work together.

The NLP helps the tool to expertly understand the input text, whereas ML helps it to generate its concise version by only using the main points of the given text. Let me explain this with a real-time example.

I am going to provide a text of around 150 words to see how the summarizer will provide a short variant of it.

Summarizing tool usage

So, the summarizing tool has condensed 153 words of given content into 74 words by only using the main points of input text.

Useful Features of Summarizer

The tool offers numerous useful features that are discussed below in detail.

1. Multiple summarizing modes

The tool comes equipped with two different summarizing modes…one is “Summarizer” and the other one is “AI summarizer”.

Summarizer mode: This mode works with traditional algorithms to summarize the input text.

AI summarizer mode: It makes use of sensitive AI algorithms to figure out the best sentences and then generate a summary using those sentences.

The good thing is that both of these modes are totally free to use. This means, writers can make use of both of these unlimited times without having to pay a single penny. This is the situation as of now.

2. Adjustable summary length

I think this feature will be something that makes this a suitable option for writers. The text summarizer offers adjustable summary length through which the writers can restrict the tool to keep the output result to a specific length.

The summary will be adjusted in terms of percentages from 0% to 100%. The percentage you (the writer) will set, the more concise/short output results the tool will generate.

Here is a practical example:

Summarizing tool adjust length

Note: The summary length feature is only available for the first mode (Summarizer).

3. Multilingual support

This text summarizing tool supports six different languages including:

  • English
  • Espanol
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Francais
  • Indonesian

This means that writers speaking languages can also summarize the text in their native language.

4. Comprehensive output results

Summarizer tools comprehensive results

This summarizer tool offers comprehensive results. Let me explain how. It gives the option to writers to get summarized text either in the summary (whole paragraph), bullet points, or best sentences from the input text.

Besides this, it allows writers to either copy or download the output results for later use.

Is it useful for writers?

After realizing the features this tool offers and the summarizing capabilities it possesses, I believe it can be an excellent option for writers.

To give you an idea of its utility for writers, we’re now going to discuss some of the uses of Summarizer.

1. Creation of a concise introduction and conclusion of articles

We all know that the main purpose of the introduction and conclusion of an article is to quickly provide the main idea or message in a concise manner. Due to this, it is a must for the writers to keep both the intro and conclusion as concise as possible.

But what if you are (the writer) struggling to do this due to topic complexity or any other reason? Don’t worry, this text summarizer will help you. It will quickly convert the long introduction of the article into a shorter one by only using its main points/sentences. This is the same with the conclusion as well.

This way, the writers don’t have to worry about the length of the intro and conclusion, as they have the option to make it concise with just one click.

2. Helps in creating brief article descriptions

Oftentimes, writers have to create descriptions of the written content that will give a brief overview of what has been discussed in the writing. Obviously, creating brief descriptions of the entire content is not an easy task, because you (the writer) have to only stick to the main message or idea without using unnecessary words/phrases.

In such kind of scenario, this text summarizing tool will help you. It quickly creates brief descriptions of the given text by eliminating all unnecessary words/phrases, or even sentences as well. And providing output that delivers the main idea in a few words.

3. Allows writers to manage the word counts on their write-ups

When creating content, writers often have to work within a specific provided word count. The word count is provided by the client to ensure that the content does not become too longer or shorter than what it should be.

If, as a writer, you face some issues managing the word count, i.e., if you can’t make the content short enough due to necessary details, you can take the help of this AI summarizer. It will shorten the text for you while capturing the main points.

Final Thoughts is no doubt a useful tool for writers as it can accurately create short summaries of the given text, all thanks to the AI technologies on which it operates. In this article, I have reviewed this handy tool in detail, along with some reasons about how it can be beneficial for writers.

Talha Alvi

Talha Alvi works as an SEO specialist and professional Writer at Enzipe. His main gig is creating top-notch SEO-friendly content. He has been delivering content for over 3 years in the form of informative and easy-to-understand articles. His areas of expertise include writing about - the SaaS industry, Education, Digital Marketing & Information Technology. He is all about quality and continuous improvement, and that's what sets him apart in this industry. So if you're looking for an SEO expert and writer who knows their stuff, you've come to the right place.

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