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Reading is a hobby that has been well documented to support cognitive health.

It is just as beneficial as doing crossword puzzles and playing a musical instrument in terms of habits brain experts recommend people do to keep their minds sharp.

According to Dr. Willeumier a brain scientist, she said that "Reading is a cognitively engaging task that requires higher-level cognitive processing, integrating written information and language comprehension".

She also said "A consistent reading practice strengthens your ability to communicate and will improve your vocabulary, reasoning, concentration, and critical thinking skills while enhancing brain network pathways".

Reading has been shown to promote empathy social perception and emotional intelligence which are cognitive processes that lead to greater longevity.

While the study focused on physical books and did not include audio, Dr. Willeumier alluded to the fact that both processes required similar cognitive processes.

"Ultimately whether you prefer to acquire information through listening to an audiobook or reading a written text it is the content of the information that requires higher-level cognitive processing in the brain" She said.

Reading takes time and requires your attention. With audio, you can get the same information while doing other things. Listening is the natural way that we received information as children. It requires less mental strain.

How it works

Text to Speech by ShareTXT is very easy to use. It requires just 2 steps

  1. Type or paste your text into the input field
  2. Click on "Read aloud"

Wait a second for the text to get loaded. You should hear your content being read to you after a few seconds.

After clicking on "Read aloud" two new options will appear

  • Pause/Resume - This enables you to temporarily suspend the text from being read. By clicking on resume, the app will continue reading the text from where you left off.
  • Stop - when you click on stop the application stops reading the text. When you click on read article, it starts all over again from the beginning.

When you click on "Read aloud" the text is loaded into the Text-to-Speech system by the application. This means that if you change the content of your text while it is being read it will not be picked up by the app.

For changes to apply you will have to click on "Stop", make your changes, and then click on "Read aloud" again.

Benefits of text to speech

Text to speech technology has several benefits

Listen to content while doing something else

Multitasking with text to speech is easy. You can listen to content while commuting, or follow step-by-step instructions about how to perform tasks read to you from a website.

It prevents eye strain

Looking at your screen for prolonged periods can be detrimental to your eye. Text-to-speech technology enables you to rest your eye by listening to a post while lying down on your couch with your eyes closed.

Listen to your content while preparing a speech

After writing your speech, it helps to listen as your speech is read back to you. This helps you to optimize it and remove any unnatural sounding parts.

It helps the elderly or people with visual impairment

People with poor eyesight will benefit by having a system that enables them to go online and use the internet without needing to strain their eyes, as a result causing more damage to it.

Keep your kids entertained

You can keep your kids entertained by letting your system read them stories while you get some work done around the house.

Why use text to speech by ShareTXT

This text-to-speech application was created to help you to boost your productivity while working online.

Ease of use

Unlike other tools that are complicated to use and require a lot of setups. The text to speech app by ShareTXT stands out by having a very simple and clean user interface. Ease-of-use is embedded into the building blocks of the application the foundation being data security, accuracy, and reliability.

It is FREE to use FOREVER

Unlike other text to speech applications which require a monthly or yearly commission for using their application Text to Speech by ShareTXT is free for you to use forever. No strings attached.

This application is user supported. This means that our users contribute willingly to keeping ShareTXT online. We also use the ads displayed on this website to support the application and handle developement cost. You can support ShareTXT by buying me a coffee here.

It works offline without an internet connection

Even when you are not connected to the internet, the text-to-speech app by ShareTXT will still be able to work. In the situation that you are at a place with poor or no internet connection, you can still use your application to listen to content without any issues.

Automatically fetch content from websites

Text to Speech by ShareTXT enables you to enter the URL of your article, it fetches the content from the website and reads it aloud without needing to copy the post content manually.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the answers to your questions about Text to Speech by ShareTXT

What AI does this application use?

This application uses the web speech API for speech synthesis.

Why doesn't this application retrieve the content from some sites?

Not all sites online are supported at the moment. To see the full list of supported sites click on "Fetch content from URL" and then click expand to view the currently supported sites.

We add support for sites regularly you can contact us to add your site to the list.

What data is collected and stored by Speech to text?

The Text to Speech app by ShareTXT does not store any data when users make use of the application.

We are an ethical company. We only collect the data that we need to enable people to continue to use our application for free. No data is stored without express permission from our users. If you want to learn more about how we protect our users privacy, take a look at our privacy policy. Also, to learn more about cookies, what data we collect and how we use it, check out our terms of service.

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