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  • What sharetxt is
  • What sharetxt is
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  • What is sharetxt
  • What sharetxt is
  • What sharetxt is
  • What sharetxt is
  • What sharetxt is
  • What sharetxt is
  • What sharetxt is

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Discover what people are asking online

There are approximately 3 billion Google searches every day from people around the world and 20% of these searches have never been seen before.

Just imagine if you could take a look at these searches, it will be like opening pandora's box.

People search online for things that they'd never share with any other human but Google.

Getting access to this information has for a long time eluded ordinary folks... until today.

What the Search Analyser app by ShareTXT gives to you is a peek behind the curtain of the things that people from all over the world are looking for online.

This is pure gold for digital marketers, SEO experts, and content creators. It's like taking a direct look at the thoughts of your potential customers.

And the great part of it all is that we are giving you access to this goldmine of information for free. No strings attached.

As you might be aware, we are taking on the big tech giants and shaking up the online ecosystem by giving everyone access to the tools that they need to succeed online for free because we do not support their strategy of surveillance capitalism, selling our data to advertisers for a profit without our consent.

How it works

The Search Analyser tool by ShareTXT is very easy to use. To discover what people are searching about a certain topic, follow these two steps

  1. Enter the topic into the input field
  2. Click on "Get results" and wait to find out what people are searching for with regards to your topic

After submitting your topic, it is sent to our servers. Our servers then send a request to query Google's autocomplete search history.

After the data has been retrieved it is processed and then finally sent to your browser where it is displayed.

There are times when you might send a request and get an empty response. This happens because there aren't many people searching for the topic that you requested.

To fix this you can use synonyms or change the topic to a related search term.

After you see your result you can easily download and save it to your computer by clicking on the "Download" button.

Benefits of Search Analyzers

Content is King and anyone who wants to run a successful business needs data about a lot of things. The most important question is - does my business/content meet the needs of my target audience? Is what I am doing relevant or am I just wasting my time?

Helps you understand your audience

This is perhaps the most important. Before starting a new business or creating your content, you need to find out if there are people out there that need the solution that you intend to provide.

There are several ways to go about this such as with surveys, questions, or keyword research.

Search Analysers don't just look at keywords, instead, it shows you the questions that people are asking about your topic or industry.

This gives you information that helps you to position your business or content in the best way that meets the needs of your audience.

Create great content that your audience will love

Writers who are creating content for a topic or industry that they are not very knowledgeable about can use such analysis tools to surface out industry jargon and words that readers will gravitate towards.

Great for creating content roadmaps

As a content creator, you need to have a plan on the type of content that you intend to create in the future. This topic list guides you and saves you from a lot of stress of thinking about what to write next when you finish your current task.

With a content roadmap; as soon as you're done creating one content you know what next to work on. This is a huge time-saver and will lead to fewer brain fatigues and a significant boost in your productivity.

So how do you go about creating a content roadmap?

With search analysis tools you simply type in your industry or topic and you will see what people are asking.

You can then collect this information and perform keyword research on them to prioritize and determine which one has the right balance of search volume and competition.

Why use Search Analyser by ShareTXT

Search Analyser by ShareTXT is built for content creators, digital marketers, and SEO experts.

Ease of use

Unlike other tools that are complicated and require a lot of setup search Analyser stands out by having a very simple UI. Ease-of-use is embedded into the building blocks of the application the foundation being data security, accuracy, and reliability.

To use such a Search Analyser requires two simple steps. You simply enter your topic into the input field and click on "Get results". It doesn't get easier than that.

It is FREE to use FOREVER

Search Analyser by ShareTXT stands out from other tools like a sore thumb.

We believe that there is no reason why you should not have access to such an important tool. You can't expect a human being to survive without water. Neither can you expect small businesses with little to no revenue to be able to afford the monthly or yearly subscription that other tools demand before you are granted access to the full features of the application?

We don't agree with them that is why we intend to keep this app free to use forever.

This application is user supported. This means that our users contribute willingly to keeping ShareTXT online. We also use the ads displayed on this website to support the application and handle developement cost. You can support ShareTXT by buying me a coffee here.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the answers to your questions about Search Analyser by ShareTXT

Is there a limit with regards to how many times I can use this application?

There are no limits. You can use this application as many times as you want. The application has been developed to give you access to your audience and eliminate the unfair advantage that big and established corporations have over small and new sites.

I enter a topic and didn't get back any results. Why?

If you entered a topic, clicked on "Get results" and did not get back any data it means that there isn't enough search volume for the topic that you entered to fix this you can use synonyms or change the topic to a related search term.

Where is the search data gotten from?

Search Analyser listens to Google autocomplete data, processes it, and then delivers every useful phrase and question that people are asking around your topic. It's a goldmine of content that you can use to create fresh, relevant, timely content that your audience will love every time and wonder how it is that you can read their thoughts.

What data is collected and stored by Search Analyser?

Search Analyser does not store any data when you use this application.

We are an ethical company. We only collect the data that we need to enable people to continue to use our application for free. No data is stored without express permission from our users. If you want to learn more about how we protect our users privacy, take a look at our privacy policy. Also, to learn more about cookies, what data we collect and how we use it, check out our terms of service.

Contact us

Do you have questions, suggestions, feature requests, bug reports, feedback, or you just want to say hi? Click this link to visit our contact page and tell us all about it.