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Summarize your content with AI for free

We live in a sea of data.

There is content all around us and coming to us from every angle. It is easy to get bogged down and throw up our hand in the air in defeat and surrender to this sea of information until we get drowned or we can find a way to peddle our way to success.

How can we possibly understand and consume all this content that we are faced with every day, from our email inboxes, websites, blogs, and so on?

If only there was a way to break down, condense and compress this information to extract only the important parts that we actually care about.

The content that we consume each day, has in it a huge amount of fluff, repetition, and words that are exaggerated, they make no real sense to us but take on more space than is really necessary.

If you strip that content down to its constituent parts you will discover that what was written in several pages could be summarised in just a few short words saving you a huge amount of time and mental processing power.

Therefore, how do you solve this problem, to filter out only the information that you need without taking all the time in the world to do it?

Taking out time to manually summarise your content for consumption is counterproductive. You could also decide to hire a paid secretary to do the same thing for you, there is nothing wrong with that. But, we need something sophisticated, something that has class, and thankfully, simply because we are living in the 21st Century, we now have access to artificially intelligent machines that can do this precise task for us without complaining about the weather.

The AI summarizer app provided to you for FREE by ShareTXT is an artificially intelligent computer program that has been trained on a billion datasets as its training model.

This allows it to understand the context of your content and provide summaries that are extremely close and sometimes even much better than what can be attained from a real human secretary.

How it works

The AI summarizer tool provided to you by ShareTXT is very easy to use. To summarise your text, follow 2 simple steps

  1. Type or paste your text content into the input field
  2. Click on "summarise" and wait a sec for the AI to summarise your content

After you click on to summarise, the AI will work in the background, to try and make sense of what it is working with, ie. the context of your content.

After processing is complete, it will create a response, perform further processing and finally send it back to your browser where it is displayed in the popup dialog box.

The AI is trained with a large dataset but it is not yet perfect. Some summaries might be very close to your input, but it is learning. It makes use of reinforcement learning. This means that it gets better with time as more data is fed into it.

I use it to get summaries of my emails, meeting minutes, blog posts, and other content that takes a while to read. The way it works is quite fascinating, rather than spending a lot of time reading through the content to extract the main points, the AI will do all the heavy lifting and will provide the summaries in an easily digestible format.

Benefits of AI Summarizer

AI has long been hyped as a technology that will replace humans in menial and repetitive tasks, causing people to lose their jobs. While AI is nowhere close to this level of sophistication, in the meantime we can use it to boost our productivity.

Huge Time Saver

The benefits of using AI summarizes are many. The most important of which is time-saving. Time is priceless. Imagine spending only a few minutes each day going through content that would otherwise take you a couple of hours to consume, AI has advanced to the level of providing you with summaries that rival those of real human secretaries. They do it in a concise amount of time by leveraging on their huge training datasets. The tools are constantly improving and becoming better able to put together content similar to humans.

Consume more content

Even with all the content that bombards us daily, you can still keep on top of it all and stay efficient in the process. You can stay on top of the never-ending emails, news, meetings, events, articles, and so on.

After a while of using the tool, you will find that you are more intelligent and your friends will begin to ask you how you know so much.

Why use AI Summarizer by ShareTXT

The AI Summarizer by ShareTXT is created to boost your productivity. It is very easy to use and gives instant results.

Ease of use

Most artificial intelligence tools are complicated to use. They require a lot of setups. These settings can be complex and can get in the way. What AI summarizer by ShareTXT provides is a simple and intuitive UI that anyone at any level can use.

The AI has been optimized for general use so that you don't have to worry about complex setups that get in the way.

To use the AI simply type or paste your content into the input field then click on "Summarize" to get your content summarised. It does not get easier than that.

It is FREE to use FOREVER

Unlike other AI applications which require a monthly or yearly commission for using their application, we believe that everyone deserves the enlightenment that AI provides. Ideas should be fully accessible to give everyone a level playing field, spur innovation quicker, and enable small business owners to see success faster.

AI summarizer is free to use forever we intend to keep this resource free to use by everyone, everywhere, indefinitely.

This application is user-supported. This means that our users contribute willingly to keeping ShareTXT online. We also use the ads displayed on this website to support the application and handle development costs. You can support ShareTXT by buying me a coffee here.

Smart AI with a huge dataset

The AI used for this AI summarizer was trained on over a billion datasets. This number as a measure of an AI's intelligence is highly subjective and depends a lot on the quality of data used for the training which for an AI summarizer is exceptional.

The great thing about AI summarizer is that the AI gets more intelligent the more it processes data by following a process called reinforcement learning.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the answers to your questions about the AI Summarizer

Is there a limit as to how many times I can use AI Summarizer?

There are no limits. You can use the application as many times as you want for free. The application has been developed and provided to give you an advantage in taking a shot at building a successful business.

How much text can I pass to the AI?

The AI can handle huge chunks of data. It is smart enough to understand your content and provide summaries of it.

It handles content over 2,000 words. It is worth knowing that the more text you send to them, the more time it will take for the AI to process it.

On average, it should take only a few seconds from the time you send your request to the time your result is displayed on the screen.

Do I need to worry about copyright issues when using this application?

That's a good question. The output generated by the AI is original and unique to your content.

This means that content that is generated by AI is not subject to copyright protection. You can use it exactly as it is delivered or modify it to meet your requirements. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to copyright.

What data is collected and stored by AI Summarizer?

AI Summarizer by ShareTXT does not store any data when you use the application. It uses the input content to train the AI's algorithm to improve its performance.

We are an ethical company. We only collect the data that we need to enable people to continue to use our application for free. No data is stored without express permission from our users. If you want to learn more about how we protect our user's privacy, take a look at our privacy policy. Also, to learn more about cookies, what data we collect, and how we use it, check out our terms of service.

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