5 Best MacBook Pro Cases to Protect Your Device in Style

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Protecting your Apple MacBook Pro with a case keeps it from being damaged and boosts its lifespan so you can use it for longer. The best MacBook cases have quality designs that fit your laptop well and withstand rough conditions.

An apple MacBook pro case on navy blue cushion

Some top brands with the most secure and stylish laptop cases include iKase, Incase Hardshell in Woolnex, and Harbor London. UAG and Mujjo are also quality sleeves for MacBook Pro and Air. Here are details on the 5 top MacBook Pro covers for protecting your device in style.

1. The Wool Felt Sleeve - iKase

iKase produces quality sleeves and cases for Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air versions. The wool felt sleeve stands out for its damage-resistant wool material that protects your laptop from accidental falls or contact with rough surfaces.

Also, iKase sleeves for MacBooks are lightweight and breathable to prevent overheating. This case features two back pockets for storing laptop cables, chargers, and phones. Furthermore, the front pocket has an envelope-like opening for slipping your laptop in and out of the case.

The case is generally small enough to fit in your daily backpack or briefcase when carrying them together. Finally, the iKase wool sleeve comes in impressive black and gray/white colors that stick out from other designs.


  • No zipper pockets
  • Sleek, soft material
  • Minimalist design


  • The laptop must be removed from the sleeve before use

2. Textured Hardshell in Woolnex - Incase

An apple MacBook pro with case on wood

The textured hardshell by Incase offers excellent protection for your MacBook Pro and overall great value for your money. Its durable polycarbonate material protects your Mac from bumps, impacts, and scratches. Furthermore, its abrasive-resistant fabric can withstand rough surfaces and weather conditions.

The polyester layer on this laptop case is also ultra-thin and lightweight for carrying around. Moreover, it doesn’t shrink when cleaned and resists wear and tear after extended periods of use.

Its outer cover also has openings for connecting your ports, cables, and chargers. The fabric also offers sufficient breathing room to avoid overheating, and its texture gives your Mac an overall sleek appearance.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight design


  • Select compatible devices

3. MacBook Pro Rugged Case - UAG

The UAG rugged case is an urban MacBook sleeve with custom security features that shield your Mac from damage. Its armor shell prevents bumps and bruises from damaging your laptop when it contacts rough surfaces. It also features air-soft, impact-resistant corners with military-grade drop protection that prevents damage when your gadget falls from an elevated point.

You will also love the tactile grip of this case on your hand. It provides extra grip when carrying your laptop for short or long distances. UAG series cases also have numerous sizes that fit all Apple Mac Pro versions. Its design also features precise cuts for ports, charging holes, internet, and cable connection.


  • Military drop-tested certified
  • Accessible storage spaces and ports


  • It’s hard to remove or insert your laptop

4. Laptop Sleeve - Mujjo Envoy

Man wearing black holding a laptop in a case

The Mujjo Envoy is a versatile sleeve that protects your MacBook Pro from various abrasive elements. Its waterproof leather prevents water, snow, and other liquids from sipping inside your laptop and causing damage.

Additionally, this case consists of a magnetic opening for extra security and side openings that provide faster access to the charging ports. You can also keep your phone inside the larger openings of the case instead of carrying it in your pocket.

You may also appreciate that the leather fabric is vegan, not pure animal as the brand cares for animal welfare. It also comes in unique and stylish navy blue and black colors.


  • Elastic pocket offers extra storage space
  • Various openings for charging
  • Environmentally sustainable design


  • Needs extra space for non-tapered MacBook Pro

5. Leather Sleeve - Harber London

Man sitting on a bench and pulling a MacBook laptop from a case

The Habor London has a stunning design and numerous functional features for safeguarding your machine. Its material is from full-grain tanned vegetable leather that binds to protein structures to create a robust case that can withstand rough conditions without damage or decay.

It’s also well-designed with multiple front pockets for storing cables, pens, chargers, and other items you may use regularly. Still, its sleek, slim design keeps your baggage to a minimum, allowing you to carry it for long stretches without tiring.

The case also comes in gray, black, or tan with a striking appearance. There are also openings for charging your MacBook without removing it from the case. Finally, its design fits your Mac like a glove.


  • Excellent outer stitches for greater protection
  • Snug fit design
  • Magnetic openings


  • Limited colors available

Wrapping up

A MacBook Pro is an expensive investment that requires proper maintenance. Macs are also delicate machines that need protection from scratches, bruises, and impacts that may damage their function. The best way to secure your MacBook Pro is through a protective laptop case or sleeve with modern security and stylish features.

The most reliable cases for Apple MacBooks come from reputable brands like iKase, Incase, Mujjo Envoy, and Harber. Furthermore, while other cases might offer protection, they may not be as stylish or efficient as the top-brand cases. Choose a case that fits your laptop size, style, and security needs.

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