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Welcome to ShareTXT

ShareTXT is a web application built on the node js framework. ShareTXT enables you to share text and/or emojis between your devices in real time. It enables you to share any long block of text such as long urls, meeting links, or code.

How it works

ShareTXT uses the javascript websocket api to connect multiple browser windows. This enables you to transfer data between browser windows when they connect to the same route.

  1. When you first visit a link in the browser such as or, your browser sends a connection request to the server
  2. The server acknowledges your request and adds you to that route
  3. Note that by visiting, you are automatically redirected to the "default" route. You can visit any other route by clicking on the route name on the screen. For example where you see "X clients connected in default", if you click on default, a popup dialog will appear. This will give you the ability to visit a new route.
  4. After the server acknowledges your request and adds you to the route, it sends back the total number number of clients connected to that route.
  5. The total number of connected clients is displayed on the screen, so that you can see how many devices are connected and will be able to receive the text you enter into the field.
  6. The moment you paste your text into the text field, or start typing, your text will be encrypted and shared via the websocket to the connected devices. Only devices connected to that route will be able to receive your data.
  7. At the receipient's end, the text will be decrypted and displayed in the text field.
  8. If your claimed a link, when you copy your text from your account, it will be saved to your history so that you can access it at a later time from any device you own. Simply login to your route on shareTXT and click on history.

Here are some tips

  1. You can visit any route you like to share your private information by clicking on the name of the route displayed on the screen
  2. You can toggle between light and dark mode at the top right of the application
  3. You can choose your preferred language at the the top right of the application
  4. Some routes cannot be accessed because they have already been claimed. To claim a route, enter the route that you will like to claim, your email and password
  5. Please note that route names are case sensitive. This means that "default" is different from "DEFAULT". This gives everyone an opportunity to claim the link that they love without disenfranchising others.

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We need your support

Hi. We would love to keep ShareTXT FREE and online indefinitely for you. This will not be possible without your support. Any amount that you can pay to offset the server costs would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to support ShareTXT please buy us a coffee so that we can continue to maintain this website for you and keep it online and free indefinitely.

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