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Perform a fast and reliable audit of your content

Content writing is an activity with varying degrees of intricacy. As someone who creates content for a large audience, you need to meet the content requirements for your target audience.

This is especially important because your audience consists of people of different demography.

Therefore, the type of content that you write for children will be different from the same content that you might write for a mature audience.

There are a lot of factors that affect the type of content that you create for your target audience such as the educational level of your audience, their attention span, and so on.

Concerning the level of education of your readers, the content needs to be easily digestible for your audience.

If you are writing content for students at the grade school level, you need to try your best to keep the content simple and easy to read without using big words or long sentences.

For a more mature audience, they are more knowledgeable and can handle big words, but you need to make sure that your content is nicely formatted without errors.

The content auditor is provided to you for FREE by ShareTXT, it will enable you to create great content that your audience will love every time.

How it works

The content auditor is very to use. You can audit your content in 2 simple steps

  1. Type or paste your content into the input field
  2. Click on "View audit" to see your result

The content auditor analysis your content and generates a result consisting of

  • Reading time - The estimated time it will take for an adult to completely read your content. The estimated reading time is particularly useful if you want to tell your readers how long it will take them to read through your content to completion.
  • Characters - This is the number of characters in your content. Very important if there is a character limit to your content such as titles, descriptions, survey questions, and so on.
  • Words - The total number of words that you used in your content. The word count has several uses. One of which is to curate your content for certain audiences or platforms.
  • Sentences - The total number of sentences used in your content. Sentence length is used for content moderation. For example to track the number of questions asked during a survey.
  • Paragraphs - The total number of paragraphs in your content. The greater the number of paragraphs, the easier it is to read through a piece of content because the breakpoints give the eye room to rest while scanning through your content.
  • Flesch reading ease - This is a readability metric that tells you how easy it is for your content to be read. It is a widely used measure of readability. The number is based on a ranking scale of 0 - 100. The higher your score the better. Low scores indicate content that is complicated to understand. For most business writing, a score of 65 is a good target. Scores between 60 and 80 should generally be understood by 12 to 15-year-olds.
  • Flesch-Kincaid grade level - This is also a part of the Flesh-Kincaid readability metric. It tells you the grade level that an American school student would need to be to understand your content. On average, your content should be able to be understood by students in the 7th grade. This means that on average you should target a Flesch-Kincaid grade level score of not more than 7.

Benefits of Content Auditor

Ensuring that your content is relevant, timely, accurate, and engaging to your audience cannot be overstated.

The content audit process will uncover the content that works well for your audience, reveal gaps where content needs to be created, and identify areas in which your content is out of date or no longer useful to your audience.

Most often your existing content can be repurposed and used for something else such as a podcast audio or video.

Evaluate the quality of your content

Your content should meet and preferably exceed the expectations of your audience. A content audit helps to evaluate the quality of your content. Is it high, medium, or low quality? Is it lengthy, rich, or poor-quality content?

For online digital marketers, bloggers, content creators, or SEO experts, this is very important. Google's website crawlers can scan your content and find out if it is short, invaluable, or repetitive. They can penalize your content for inferior writing.

Why use Content Auditor by ShareTXT

ShareTXT content auditor is built for content creators, bloggers, digital marketers, and SEO experts. It is extremely easy to use and gives you results instantly.

Ease of use

Most online tools have a steep learning curve before you can begin to see the benefits. This is not the case with content auditors by ShareTXT. The application was built with data security, accuracy, and reliability as the foundation and ease of use as the building blocks.

To use content auditor, simply type or paste your text into the input field then click on "View audit" to see your results. It doesn't get simpler than that.

It is FREE to use FOREVER

Unlike other content audit applications which require a monthly or yearly commission for using their application content auditor by ShareTXT is going against the norm and taking on the big corporations. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality content for FREE. This will help to sanitize the online ecosystem, create a level playing field, allow small websites or business owners to compete favorably and succeed without any barriers.

This application is user supported. This means that our users contribute willingly to keeping ShareTXT online. We also use the ads displayed on this website to support the application and handle developement cost. You can support ShareTXT by buying me a coffee here.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the answers to your questions about Content auditor

What data is collected and stored by the Content auditor?

The Content auditor app does not store any data when users make use of the application.

We are an ethical company. We only collect the data that we need to enable people to continue to use our application for free. No data is stored without express permission from our users. If you want to learn more about how we protect our users privacy, take a look at our privacy policy. Also, to learn more about cookies, what data we collect and how we use it, check out our terms of service.

Contact us

Do you have questions, suggestions, feature requests, bug reports, feedback, or you just want to say hi? Click this link to visit our contact page and tell us all about it.

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